St George Library (and all the other public libraries in Bristol) do more than lend books. Membership of the library and many of the services and activities are FREE. Here is our list - if we have missed anything or you think there is more the library could do please tell us.

St George Library operates an extended access scheme providing self service access at selected times when the library is unstaffed.

You can see the official list at

Core Public Library Services (membership required)

  • Borrow all kind books for FREE for 1-3 weeks, you can renew them online or over the phone.
  • Order any book in the catalogue for FREE
  • Use a library computer for FREE, these give you access to a range of eBooks, newspapers, magazines, Driving Theory Test, research and the internet as well as FREE Learn My Way courses to improve your digital skills

Services for the Community

Did you know?

What is done by the library service regarding discarded books....

Once stock has been identified as surplus we will dispose of it according to these principles:

  1. Sold if there is both a market and a cost effective method. The income can be reinvested in the library service
  2. Offered to be reused by organisations or individuals if appropriate
  3. Recycled in an appropriate environmental way.

Disposal process

  • All withdrawn material will clearly indicate a withdrawn status on the book and will be withdrawn from the library catalogue.
  • The majority of general lending material will be offered for sale via an approved not for profit company such as Better World Books. Any monies made from the sale of withdrawn library material will be reinvested in the library service. It may on occasion be desirable to invite book dealers to bid for unwanted stock if it is of appropriate value.
  • Material may be offered by gift to other public, specialist or academic libraries in Bristol, the South West region or further afield if it could possibly add value to their special collections
  • In some cases, where appropriate, material may be offered by gift to a not for profit organisation, school or reputable charities.
  • In some cases, once other options have been exhausted and if it is in a suitable condition, selected stock may be offered on a time limited basis to the public for free at the discretion of the professional Librarian team 
  • Withdrawn material not suitable for sale or offering elsewhere will be recycled wherever possible or destroyed by a suitably qualified contractor.
  • Newspapers and periodicals, which are only kept for a few months, will be recycled.
  • No items may be earmarked for individual purchasers, as such a system may be open to abuse